Ribbon wreath

Ribbon wreath

Embroidered wreath # embroidered # wreath embroidery

How to make a fabric wreath for Valentine's Day – a cute craft idea for Valentine's Day. Rag Wreath Tutorial #ValentinesDayCrafts #DIYWreath #RagWreath #FabricWrea

Party tutorials – fabric wreath & balloon wreath, Kara's party ideas

DISCLAIMERS OF A PLATE ADDICT: Simple Halloween cloth wreath … just tie it!

Hi Guys! I cannot believe that we are almost until January. I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day! Here's another project that is super easy, not as quick as some in the past, but easy to do while watching TV in the evening. Stocks: Fabric-2.5 yards worked for me with leftover wire wreath Form-18inchesScissorsDecorative Centerpiece Start…

Easy No Sew Fabric Wreath – perfect idea for many different holidays.

It was crazy busy in my house, so this year I'm going to do some simple decorations for Halloween, starting with this super simple fabric …

Hello dear friends of fabrics, when the fabric "Animal Mix" arrived at the end of last year, I spontaneously had the idea to develop a fabric memory. The right, rectangular animal motifs can just feel perfect. 🙂 …

Check out this article in my Etsy shop at / …


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