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Our magazine, BO BEDRE, has published our yearly big christmas edition. You'll find inspiration for christmas decoration like this,

Happy 1st Advent … – Photo by Member lefilouchen #solebich #interior # furnishings #interiors

Natural or exotic – something new for Christmas decoration

Golden ring with eucalyptus, a decorative ring for many possibilities!

Modern wreath DIY craft kit DIY craft set with your own modern wreath in the metal of your choice to get eucalyptus branches. Effortless minimalist modern metal wreath. Tree branches can go all the way around just exposed on the bottom with metal exposed, or set distorted on one

Easter in pastel (issue: April 2017) Photo © ️️️️ Thorsten Suedfels for ARD Buffet Magazin #Ostern

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How to Make a Modern DIY Scandinavian Holiday Wreath


Advent wreath-Advent arrangement-Christmas-decoration-red-Christmas-decoration-modern-wreath.jpg (1600 × 1600)


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